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OSHO No-Mind meditation is a group process, lasting for two hours a day for seven days. For the first hour, participants do gibberish. For the second hour, they sit silently, doing nothing.

No Mind meditative therapy is an energetic process that leads to a final stage of silent self-awareness. During the process there is a minimum of interaction amongst participants but the energy of the group helps each individual go more deeply into his or her own process.

During No Mind for the first hour, we use gibberish(talking a language that you dont know) to empty the mind of all garbage, allowing – in second hour- a great silence to arise from within. This process is suported with three other daily meditations: Dynamic in the morning, Kundalini in the afternoon and Evening Meeting Meditation in the evening.

Osho first introduced the No-Mind meditation as part of his evening discourses on Zen. Later on, it became a group process.

“The first part is gibberish. The word ‘gibberish’ comes from a Sufi mystic, Jabbar. Jabbar never spoke any language, he just uttered nonsense. Still he had thousands of disciples because what he was saying was, “Your mind is nothing but gibberish. Put it aside and you will have a taste of your own being.”

“To use gibberish, don’t say things, which are meaningful, don’t use the language that you know. Use Chinese, if you don’t know Chinese. Use Japanese if you don’t know Japanese. Don’t use German if you know German. For the first time have a freedom – the same as all the birds have. Simply allow whatever comes to your mind without bothering about its rationality, reason-ability, meaning, significance – just the way the birds are doing. For the first part, leave language and mind aside.”

“Out of this will arise the second part, a great silence in which you have to close your eyes and freeze your body, all its movements, gather your energy within yourself. Remain here and now.”

Osho, Live zen chapter 17

The OSHO No-Mind meditative therapy is offered at the OSHO Information Center on mount Ziria, Greece. Click here to see the programme.